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Fulfilling social responsibility and building a credible and harmonious brand

Apr. 24, 2020

Fulfilling social responsibility and building a credible and harmonious brand

Anhui Liangliang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


Anhui Liangliang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as “Liangliang Electronic” ) was established in 1999, it’s a professional electric light source, energy-saving lamp and LED lighting manufacturing enterprise which integrates R&D with production and sales.

Hangzhou Liangliang Electronic & Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 1999.

A sales company was established in Dubai, the economic and financial center of the United Arab Emirates in 2004.

The groundbreaking ceremony of production base was held in the Industrial Park ,Guangde County, Anhui Province in 2011.

Liangliang Electronic won the title of “National Hi-Tech Enterprise” in 2015.

A sales company was established in Zambia in 2016.

A sales company was established in Morocco in 2017.

Liangliang Electronic won the title of “Anhui Green Factory ” in 2018.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the new project “Liangliang Electric” was held in Guangde County, Anhui Province in 2019.

Liangliang Electronic has a big production base, which is 86,000 square meters with monthly output reaches 8 million pieces and annual output values exceeds 500 million RMB. Besides, Liangliang Electronic has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system, ISO14001:2004 environmental system, UL, FCC, CE, SASO, SONCAP and other international and domestic certifications.

The company adheres to the development concept of " technological innovation, talent-oriented", and has paid great attention to attract and cultivate talents. In recent years, our company has won many honorary titles such as "National Hi-Tech Enterprise", "China Quality Credit Enterprise", "China Energy-saving Lamp Top 30 Enterprise", "Export Industrial Product Class I Enterprise", ”Zhejiang Excellent Private Enterprise” and "Anhui Province Honesty Unit", etc.

After more than ten years’ technological innovation and brand management, Liangliang Electronic has accumulated a unique brand connotation and solid development foundation. The company is highly concerned to the quality of products, and will control every details strictly from raw material procurement to finished product delivery. Moreover, Liangliang Electronic has a professional testing center, equipped with all kinds of advanced testing equipment and comprehensive testing system to make sure the products can be delivered to customers in good quality and quantity.

Advanced technology, strict management and hi-tech equipment helps create the high-quality products. Liangliang Electronic' brands -- "TORCH", "CTORCH", "VALLIGHT" and "Happy Brightness" have earned good reputation in the market and won the recognition and trust of our customers. Nowadays, the company already has a complete marketing network system, and has sold the products all over the world, especially in Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

In 2004, the company set up a sales company in Dubai, then in Tanzania, Russia, Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Zambia and China Yiwu International Trade City, etc.

The missions and objectives of Liangliang Electronic are “Creating values with light”, and “To be a leading brand in China, a international lighting company worldwide”. Liangliang Electronic always advocates a new lifestyle of green, harmonious and low-carbon, and has invested great efforts in R&D to provide more efficient and energy-saving LED lights to create a high-quality luminous environment for people and bring a special charm to the cities.

Liangliang Electronic is trying to be a responsible company at the very beginning, and has fulfilled the social responsibilities in different respects actively these years like economy, environment and employment rate....... Liangliang Electronic always treated corporations’ social responsibility as a foundation of competitive, which also has earned it with the social recognition and consumers’ trust. Details are as followings:

First, change the ideology concept, and build a social responsibility system actively.

With the development of economy and globalization, corporations who fulfill their social responsibilities can not only improve business efficiency, earn good reputation, establish a good company image and reflect corporate culture and values, but also conducive to the companies’ sustainable development, improve life quality of the public, maximize the interests of stakeholders, enhance corporations’ strengths and competitiveness, being further accepted and respected by the society and customers. In view of the current international and domestic situation, it’s become a general trends and expectations of people for corporations to undertake their social responsibilities and complete the social responsibility systems. Liangliang Electronic has strongly promoted the sense of social responsibilities within the company, which has largely motivated the build process of social responsibility system and the self-development of the company.

Second, develop the economy vigorously to ease the pressure of employment.

Liangliang Electronic has more than 1,000 employees, which includes more than 200 professional and technical personnel. Facing the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic and international markets, Liangliang Electronic has invested 350 million RMB to build a production base to achieve the targets of “modernizing the equipment, expanding the production scale and improving the product grade”, which annual production capacity reached 90 million pieces and has created more than 30 million RMB profit and tax annually. Up to now, Liangliang Electronic has helped develop the local economy, eased the employment pressures, reduced the unstable factors of social security and fulfilled the corporation’s social responsibility.

Third, Strengthen scientific management and focus on environmental protection.

Liangliang Electronic has passed three-in-one authentication composing of ISO9001 Quality Control System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Health and Safety Management System, which to some extent reflects the companys sense of social responsibility. After establishing the above systems, Liangliang Electronic had not occurred any production accidents, equipment accidents and environmental complaints. Liangliang Electronic has established the quality management system since it was put into production in 2013, and has passed the ISO: 9001 quality system certification in April of the following year. Consumer’s satisfaction is the most important thing for Liangliang Electronic, and the company has done its best to make sure the passing rate of the inspection is above 99.8%, the user satisfaction rate is above 80%, and the return visit satisfaction rate is above 85%. 

Fourth, being a people-oriented corporation and care about the employees.

Liangliang Electronic always adheres to the management concept of “people-oriented”, which not only helps to unify the individuals and company’s values, but also helps to shape the company‘s core culture of pursuing “high quality”. Besides, the labor contracts signed rate has reached to 100% in Liangliang Electronic, and the company covered the social endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, birth insurance and other types of insurances for the employees. Whats more, the company also provided the physical examinations for employees to guarantee their legitimate rights and interests. 

A company’s culture, to some extend, can be reflected by its style and principles. Liangliang Electronic has done a lot to the employees, such as built apartments to improve the working and living environment, invested lots of money, resources and manpower to create a great cultural and recreational centre, optimize the accommodation conditions continuously to increase the personnel’s life quality, and also encourage employees to take part into the performances, sports contests and team-building activities to strengthen the mutual understanding, collaboration skills and team-work spirits, etc. Besides that, Liangliang Electronic also has strict systems of rewards, punishments, security check, safety training, professional skills training to ensure employees’ incomes, safety, self-development and welfare. The company also provided assistance to the employees and families in need. Every year three employees who are in difficulties will be selected within the company, and the chairman will provide the condolence money and goods to them in person. This is coincide with the requirements of company’s culture, traditions and social responsibilities.

Fifth, devoted to public welfare cause and fulfill the social responsibility.

Every year, the company goes to the welfare institutions and nursing homes to visit the children and old people, to understand their needs, and to help their solve the difficulties. We hope this kindness can be passed on and had more and more people feel the warmth and happiness.

Sixth, heighten corporate integrity and undertake social responsibility.

Liangliang Electronic has paid great attention to build and highlight the corporate integrity, establish new credit management system and put forwarded the goals of corporate integrity construction. At the same time, the company also took the tax administration work seriously and paid the tax sincerity by law, which gained great reputation and business opportunities to us in return. Our company has been honored as “Credit Enterprise” for several years, identified as “Inspection-free Enterprise” continuously , and also rewarded as“ Anhui Integrity Unit ” by consumers association of Anhui province.

Seventh, the problems need to be solved.

As a member of the social group, every company is responsible for the society development. If a company fulfills it’s social responsibility, the development of the society will be promoted, so does the company. Therefore, companies need to focus on the following points when they undertake their social responsibility:

1. Having a comprehensive and systematic understanding of corporations’ social responsibility, and paying more attention to the public welfare cause.

2. Strengthening internal relationships, rationalizing the distribution, and establishing strict rewards and penalties system.

3. Enhancing R&D capability, extending the products sales channels, focusing on the market trends and learning lessons from the past to lay a foundation for the company to better fulfill the social responsibility in the future.